A Manifesto From Mia Nicole

I've always hated traditional food. Well, hate is a strong word. But traditional foods never kept me interested. I always looked forward to the holidays, but the element of surprise was gone. Another Thanksgiving another turkey. Christmas rolled around, and we ate the same thing without the turkey. I do appreciate the nostalgia certain dishes bring to me, but it stopped being exciting. I never closed my eyes in delight when I bit into something, you know like they do in the commercials. Don’t get me wrong I've had some really good food but nothing breathtaking. I needed a food thrill.
As my relationship with food became stagnant and I closed my restaurant, I began searching for more. I needed new inspiration. My kitchen became my canvas and I started to get bored with the products that were in my cabinets. Nothing ever really spoke to my taste buds anymore.
​There I was, chasing a food thrill again. Why was I never satisfied? And it hit me, I was using products inspired by someone else’s food journey. Someone else’s love. And like any relationship you have got to be a match, compatible. That’s when I realized I am not an ordinary person. I need variety. So, I thought why not create my own food products for people like me, the food thrill-seekers? Why not play with flavors and create something bold, unique, and delicious? Something not so traditional.
Why not create products that are like me? Colorful, fun, and exciting (yes, I am tooting my own horn a bit). Every Flavor Food Co. product that I create is an expression of me. My heritage, my background, tastes I love, tastes I'm obsessed with, and so much more. Read the stories behind each product and connect with Flavor Food Co. and me. I can't say I'm a traditional chef. I do unconventional things with flavors! I push the envelope, deliciously! I like to think of myself as a culinary creator, a food scientist, and a recipe curator. I hope you will enjoy Flavor Food Co's products and join me on this no so traditional spontaneous food journey together we will satisfy our souls!


Mia Nicole

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