The Great Debate with Steak

The Great Debate with Steak

There's always this silent judgment with a group of diners when it comes to the infamous question "how well you want your steak? " Depending on your answer that's when the judgment starts.

If you order it well done you're considered tacky and distasteful.
If you order it rare you're considered a flesh-eating heathen.

Good thing steak temperature is one thing we can disagree on and still be friends.

Once you order your steak it's a gamble. You cross your fingers and toes and pray your steak comes back right. Nothing I mean absolutely nothing is worse than a "not cooked how I wanted" steak.

Here's a quick guide to help you see if your steak is how you ordered it and other steak temperatures you can explore!

When cooking your steak at home it's best to invest in a digital thermometer with a thin probe. You'll look like a BBQ Cowboy when you pull out the fancy thermometer.

Steak geeks have a more complicated way to test the temperature of your steak but I think this is a good way to start getting what you want out of your steak. Later we will learn more advanced cooking techniques but for now, at LEAST you know what your steak should look like!

Happy Grilling!

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