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Become a Flavor Food Influencer


Share Flavor Food Co's delicious products with friends, family, and customers! Hold online parties, dinner parties, and earn an income while satisfying your taste buds.

Social Media users need influencers like you! With over 250 million photos tagged #food on Instagram, there’s no doubt everyone's food photo obsessed. You can watch a full recipe in under two minutes. Social media users are highly engaged, powering a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.


So why not make some extra money telling your followers what to eat? You don't need to shop for groceries, put mileage on your car, or even drive weird people around. All you have to do is cook amazing food with your Flavor Food products and show the world what made it possible! We are looking for Foodies who enjoy cooking or trying new products! Whether you are a Sizzlin' Latino who has an obsession for Cajun Food or a California Surfer who celebrates Taco Tuesday everyday of the week we want you!


The Food Industry is Growing

Check out this article from FORBES magazine!


Help us push food culture forward.

Give People the Culinary Excitement They Are Craving

If you are a creative, artistic, culinary artist or chef ... hell even if you are Foodie who is obsessed with food this opportunity is for you!  

Our Flavor Food Co products are fun, innovative, and speak to the culinary artist in all of us. We are taking culinary art to new levels and can't wait for you to be apart of our Flavor movement! Customers are waiting to hear your expertise and recommendations.


Do you enjoy homemaking, hosting, and entertaining guest?

If you have a passion for entertaining guest and love to host home parties signing up for our influencer program is a no brainier. Make money doing something you are passionate about.


For the free-spirited, foodies this is the perfect gig for you!

No one understands your love for food like we do. Get paid to basically eat! Test and promote our Flavor Food Products on your platform and make money!

Let's Talk About the Chedda'

Whether you are an adventurous foodie who loves to eat, just starting out, or looking for new ways to have multiple streaming of income Flavor Food Co, will help you become a profitable influencer. There's unlimited earning potential when you join our team as a Flavor Foodie Influencer. At Flavor Food Co we created a seamless program that allows you to do minimal work but with unlimited gain.

We handle everything so you can focus on making money.

pre-designed social media marketing

pre-constructed post

posting schedule and ideas

expert hashtags

trending post ideas

and so much!

Inside Our Flavor Food Virtual Kitchen we give you all the marketing materials and resources you need to run a profitable business.

Need a vegan Taco recipe to cook to sell our Lupita's Cowboy Chipotle seasoning? We've got the perfect recipe for you.

Want to show your followers the best way to top off a freshly grilled sirlion steak? Our Salt Sprinkles in Merlot can do the trick.

Need posting ideas for the holidays to drive your sales? We've got you covered with our pre designed social media post.

Our Flavor Food Influencers are making money! Check out a snap shot of their E-commerce portals

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