A Introduction to Austin Texas! The "Tour Of Cuba" Pull Up Brunch.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I'm so excited to introduce my food creations and myself to the great city of Austin.

Originally I wanted to introduce my Bottomless Brunch Series to Austin Texas but COVID had other plans.

The "Tour of Cuba" was my very first brunch theme. It was my way of introducing my restaurant and my cooking style to the city of Newark, NJ.

I decided to remix traditional soul and Cuban food.

Some of the items were:

Platanos Fried Chicken

Coconut Rum French Toast

Tres Leche Cum Waffle (pictures)

BBQ Cuban Ropa Vieja

Cuban Creole Shrimp and Smoked Cheddar Grits

Tropical Vegan Tacos

Garlic Licky Mojo Shrimp

Because "I'm Double Black Beans"

Rum Soaked Platanos

Yellow Arroz

and of coarse bottomless drinks.

I wanted to do the same thing here in Austin, but I rather wait until the time is right. When we come together for Bottomless Brunch it's like a family. We eat bomb food, enjoy shoot time, and vibe. Bottomless Brunch wouldn't be the same if we had to sit in our seats. In the mean time, I am introducing The Brunch Box. You can experience Flavor Food Co's brunch at home! Purchase a ticket, email me with your order, desired pick up time, and come pick it up (carside). The Brunch Box will include a entree, sides, and cocktail. There are couple packages available too.

This menu won't be as big as the original menu, BUT I added some really flavor explosive items to the mix.


  • Platanos Battered Fried Chicken- This Platanos fried chicken is fried to perfection in my homemade Platanos batter. Crispy, golden, and seasoned all the way to the bone. There's nothing like this around!

  • NEW ITEM ------PlatanosBattered Fried "Chikn"- This is the vegan version of the Platanos Battered Fried Chicken but with oyster mushrooms. Just as tasty and crispy.

  • BBQ Cuban Ropa Vieja (Shredded Beef)-Ropa Vieja is a popular dish in Cuba. Traditionally it's made with a rich tomato based sauce but I added my love for smoked BBQ to the mix!

  • NEW ITEM ------Smothered Tropical Pork Chops- The not so traditional Pork chops you grew up on. These are marinated and fried in our special Flavor Food Co. seasoning and smothered in a tropical mango sauce that is unbelievably delicious.

  • Creole Cuban Shrimp and Grits (Does not come with sides) -Cuban Creole shrimp smothered in a crab/smoked sausage (turkey) dirty sauce. It sits of top of my famous smoked cheddar grits.

Sides (All three sides come with your entree)

  • Because I'm "Double Black" Beans

  • Spanish Yellow Arroz

  • Rum Fried Plantanos

Black on Black Bartending Company Signature Drink (Pick 1)

  • TBA

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