BBQ Seasoning is HERE! Get grilling with Lupita's BBQ Cowboy seasoning today!


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B.B.Q season is here and Lupita's B.B.Q Cowboy box is the perfect seasoning to impress your family and friends!

Why is it perfect for BBQ season?

Lupita's seasoning is infused with smoked chilies and herbs! Even if you do not have a grill you will still get that smoked flavor! It can be used on any meat and vegetable.

What can I use Lupita's seasoning on?

EVERYTHING! But here are some ideas to open your mind!


BBQ Cedar Plank Salmon

Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges

Grilled Mexican Street Elote

Smoked Chicken Faijtas

Smoked Ancho Pork Butt

Chipotle Black Beans Burger

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